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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Fresh Crunchies for Healthy Munchies"

Hey Everyone!
How are all of you!? Disney is FREEZING but that is not stopping us! We have powered through Busch Gardens, Downtown Disney, and 3 sets of outlets in the past couple of days and have big plans for Disney World theme-park hopping tomorrow. I have built a beautiful wardrobe for my professional life in DC that is rapidly approaching (can't wait!)
The highlight of today was a new restaurant we scoped out for lunch called Sweet Tomatoes. I am sure some of you have tried this before, but it was my first experience and I loved it there!!! So many fresh vegetables!!
I have been craving some fresh veggies since we left Little Rock, and this plate definitely hit the spot! Do you see the size of that plate? I cleaned it without hesitation. My favorite veggie of the day was the peeled butternut squash...So YUM!

Then I found the soup bar. And y'all know it the Lentil's were screaming "Eat Me!" soooo I did! Here's what the label said: Vegetarian options! WHOOP! ...and here's the close up of the NOM eats...

Paired with a whole wheat biscuit, which I would not necessary classify part of a "solution" since they contain fatty buttermilk, but it was just as delicious as I anticipated! ... It legit melts in your mouth like "buttah," In all it was a perfect lunch!
In other news, I FINALLY got a book I have been wanting to read for a long time called "Too Big To Fail" which explains what really happened in the financial crisis of 2009. It's 600 pages, so its a good thing I have lots of car time coming up to get through it. I expect jaw-dropping tidbits to be revealed and the corrupt relationship between the federal government and the banks to be explained in plain terms that I can actually comprehend. We'll see how it goes.
Just as a small point of information, this is what the author, Andrew Sorkin, looks like.
Just wanted to make sure we were all aware. :)
I'm off to bed! Big day tomorrow and plenty of reading (i.e. dreaming of Andrew Sorkin) to do.

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  1. That looks quite delicious indeed!

    I've never had a "biscuit". Biscuits to me are cookies :) They do look and sound delicious though.


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