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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Live from Washington D.C.!!!!!

Hello everybody!
I am blogging to you LIVE from my new home for the next six months! My mom and I arrived early this afternoon and went straight to my new apartment building!! The area is adorable and the apartment is newly renovated and ready for me to move into (tomorrow). They could not let me move into today because I arrived early and they had not cleaned the rooms yet, but whatevs, I am here, and that is what matters. Here I am chillin' in the new family room!

...and the view from my...get ready for it...BALCONY!!! Crazy!
...and the most important room in the whole apartment....The Kitchen, and it is huge, and it has a dishwasher, and a new stove...and I could keep going on and on and on...I am just too happy!
Following the tour, my mom and I met up with my cousin, who is a verry important person in this town ;) and we drank some wine and caught up on our lives. It was lovely.
If you haven't heard (which I had not) it is restaurant week in Washington D.C. A food bloggers dream, no? We went to a cute place in Alexandria, VA where my cousin retires after a long day of work called Extra Virgin. Cute name and good food. I'm down. I did not order the special, because I am cheap and $35 for three courses is ridic as far as I am concerned, but I did order a delish eggplant parmigiana dish. C'est très belle, n'est pas? It was full of fresh zucchini, mozzarella cheese, and eggplant of course! After sharing tastes with family, I ate the whole thing! (minus a bunch of the pasta, it was mediocre, and not worth my calories).
Following din din, we walked down the street to a little boutique cupcake shop called which is apparently owned by a guy who used to have a Food Network show. Cool Beans. I ordered my very first VEGAN cupcake, and I LIKED IT! Whoop Whoop!
This city is full of healthy eats, and I fully intend to eat as clean as possible while I am here. I can't wait to explore new places and share them with y'all!
It is my last night on the road with my dear sweet mutha, so we must go spend some quality time together.
Until tomorrow, which I am sure will be full of moving in pics...
goodnight, ~Jenn


  1. WOW! Looks amazing!!! Are you coming to fitbloggin?

  2. Your new place looks freaking awesome! And what a view?! Nice!

    And you guys have a Cakelove there? I'm so jealous. Warren Brown is one of my idols.


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