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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Successful Packing!

I am off to Disney World tomorrow morning!! Whoop! It is currently 3:57 PM and I have packed nothing. My clothes are currently heaped in a giant pile in the middle of my room. But not to worry, because this year my mom and I are road trippin' which means no weight limit on my bag! Boo yah! No liquid limit on all my (completely necessary)styling products! Saweet! and I can pack all of my food in the car! (which is obviously my priority.)
I woke up this morning, did the breakfast thang... An English muffin and 2 clementines (the first half I ate while trying to find the camera :) ) Yoga and a shower followed and then I was pumped to make MY LAST GREEN MONSTER AT HOME :( It had to be epic... So I used the usual kale (3 leaves!), banana, oiko's, honey, almond milk and amazing meal...and AMAZING it was! I drank that sucker down!
Yes, I even drank it in a red party cup like the classy woman I am :) Some hummus and carrots were consumed while making the monster and then I was off to Whole Foods (for the last time, hugeee sigh, I have a slight love affair with that place) to buy my fixin's for the car! And buy I did, I probably went overboard but I plan to pack my snacks for our days in the parks so that I can control portions, calories, and most importantly, eat vegetarian and organic as much as possible.
Since I love seeing what other bloggies buy at the grocery store, I am giving y'all the whole deal... I got a little bit of everything from clementines, jazz apples, a spare jar of my favorite peanut butter, saltines (for my tummy when my mother's reckless driving takes over), organic animal crackers (my downfall and favorite treat handsdown), and a huge bag of carrots. I got other stuff too, but its already packed up.
Clearly, my priorities are in order, I will have plenty to eat and nothing to wear :) haha oy vey!
One last thing before I actually pack, I am bringing a cooler in the car, not for soda, water, or anything normal...but to keep my hummus addiction alive!!!

See that cool whip container? Yea, its not cool whip...its homemade hummus! along with the two tubs on top! You would think the world just ran out of chickpeas, but alas its just for me :) I just want to be prepared!
I probably won't blog tomorrow since we will be on the road all day, but after that prepare yourself because y'all are coming to Disney with me! I promise fun recaps, lots of pictures, and good eats!
Happy New Year everyone! Stay safe tonight!

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  1. Make sure you keep your hummus extra cool :) You are good to go girl!


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