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Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Stopping Me

Hello friends!
How are all of you today?! I have seen better days, because yesterday a yucky head-cold took over my body and is not letting go. But I assure you I am fighting back the best way I know how, by listening to my body and letting it recover naturally. I am feeling a little better post home cooked meal, so I will be venturing out to see some high school friends in a little while. Like the title says, I won't be stopped by this little hiccup :)
Onto the eats of the day. I could not wrap my head around a green monster this morning (which is how I know I am actually sick because I usually crave them!) so I had blueberry Oiko's with granola and a banana:

Hit the spot and kept me full while I edited all my pictures from the past couple of days. It was a lovely and peaceful Christmas around here, and I think I documented it all very thoroughly (read: I edited over a hundred pictures today!). I have just a slight case of OCD ;) I try no to let it get the best of me. Around 12:30 I was hanngryyy, and my poor throat just wanted something warm and soothing. Cue Amy's organic veggie soup and a tortilla with melted cheese, hummus, salsa, and raw kale.
Umm, I don't know about anyone else, but I DO NOT enjoy raw kale! Blech!!!! I tried so hard to eat it in my tortilla, but by the end this little guy just got left behind: I will officially be sticking to green monsters for my kale intake thank you!
I got a little stir crazy by mid-afternoon so I took a little jaunt to Target. BAD IDEA. It was packed! But, I was gone long enough to work up an appetite and ate about 1/2 of this: It was my first try of the Amazing grass products, and I must say, not to bad! I have definitely eaten worse bars. Plus I felt good eating something I knew was so clean and natural.
When I got home my dad informed me it would be a while until dinner, so I made a classic snack: apple with melted WF peanut butter and cinnamon It was yummmmm.
I'm pretty sure that the point of Target is to buy stuff you do not need. I purchased some new nail polish that was on clearance called "Shrimply Delight!" If the color had been ugly, I'm pretty sure I would have bought it for the title alone. Anyways, post snack I watched a French movie (working on my comprehension) and had some girl time. Wanna see??? Okay... Not exactly a winter color, but I have a Florida trip rapidly approaching that demands hot pink nails!
Din-Din came about quickly after, and I was craving meat! Must have been low iron levels because I have not eaten any red meat in over 6 months, but tonight...well that is a different story. My dad's meatloaf is no joke, it is one of my favorite things he makes and I decided that tonight was going to be a little different. I smothered it in organic ketchup (thanks Whole Foods!) and gobbled it down with loads of broccoli and 2 baby red potatoes.
I realized that eating things in moderation has given me a lot of peace of mind lately. I ate the meatloaf, enjoyed it, and am now completely content to go back to a predominately vegetarian diet. The overeating that occurred on Christmas day only reconfirmed my feelings about eating in moderation and although some days are more of a struggle than others, I feel as though I am overcoming a lot of the issues I have with food. I can't lie, finding a bloggie community completely dedicated to the subject has been a great help!
Well, that's all she wrote for today~

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  1. Each day is a new opportunity for better health :) get well soon!


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