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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello World!
So I am horrible at blogging daily when the rest of my life has no schedule. I am a very organized and dependable person at school, but when I get home I just cant seem to get in gear. I took yesterday off, but I did want to mention that I tried Amazing Meal in my green monster for breakfast!
You see that dark green color...I wasn't afraid of it, in my mind it just means extra healthy! It tasted pretty legit too. I mixed in the usuals plus some blueberry oikos. A little tea and 2 clementines and I was good to go! Too bad the only place I went was the couch, where I remained...the REST OF THE DAY. OY VEY!! I was such a vegetable and not in the good way where you are like actually eating to many veggies and a parent yells at you for being so healthy (in a loving way of course!)
BUT, as a little saving grace (read: saving face) I made sure to drink lots and lots of water! This past summer I bought myself this fancy teal green Sigg water bottle and I just adore it! I saved hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase water bottles while at school, I drank more water, and I looked cute because its a cool color (DUH)! I mean let's be real, grabbing a plastic bottle every single time you want a drink is WASTEFUL...and if we are all trying to eat clean, then why should our surroundings not be clean as well? Every time I take a sip out of this guy, I like to picture the thousands of water bottles I am saving from a landfill! How motivating: doing something good for you and the planet!
While I zoned out on the couch yesterday (catching up on season 4 of Dexter), I made a personal goal to drink 4 bottles full of water! AND I DID IT! Talk about cleansing! Mah skin is glowing so bright I am surprised it is not busting through your computer!
Okay well I am pooped from all this doing nothing, so I am off to read everyone else's blogs until I pass out!

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